To the Soon-to-be Bride and Groom:

So it finally happened – a beautiful ring in a fancy box, everyone is excited… and then you hear someone asking you, “Have you started planning the wedding? You HAVEN’T??? But you only have X months left!!!!!” And that’s when it hits you: there are a million of things to plan: booking a fancy banquet hall, finding the perfect wedding gown and a veil that will make you look like a princess/the perfect tuxedo that will make you look like prince Charming, finding a good florist whose decorations will not fall apart and whose flowers will bloom all through the night, getting a good wedding photographer and a videographer who would help you preserve the memory of this day forever and ever, booking a fabulous limousine with a red-carpet service, ordering the sweetest wedding cake… So many details to keep in mind it makes your head spin. But worry not, dear recently engaged!! This site will help you plan your big day by providing a directory with useful wedding-related resources – all in the same place. We truly hope that our site will bring you one step closer to making it the wedding of your dreams. May your wedding day be only the beginning of the life-long celebration of your love.

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